Jun 11

How to Find Keywords Using Google’s Keyword Tool and a Website Address

Find Keywords Using Google's Keyword Tool

Want to see how to find keywords using Google's Keyword Tool and a Website Address?

Using Google’s Keyword Tool

Google controls roughly 70% of all search results online, so it is important to make sure that you have relevant keywords so that you will get better page rankings on Google.  Since this is the case, you should be Using Google’s Keyword Tool.

Keywords show up in numerous places such as; blogs, websites, content you submit online, etc. Making sure that you have appropriate keywords in your title, description and the actual keywords themselves.

Google provides a great free keyword tool to help you find keywords that might be relevant to what you are writing about.

In this video on Using Google’s Keyword Tool, you will see:

  • How you can use your competitors websites to find great keywords
  • How to drive traffic to your website, blog or other relevant information
  • How to find an organic website that Google ranked on it’s first page result
  • How to look for misspelled words that you can

Here is a way to be using Google’s Keyword Tool in combination with a web site address (others or yours) to find other keywords that Google would think are relevant to your topic.

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Keywords: Using Google’s Keyword Tool

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