Feb 12

How to Advertise With Google AdWords – With Howie Jacobson, PhD

Google AdWords for Dummies

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Howie Jacobson has specialized in Internet marketing since1999. He focuses on helping clients use Google AdWords to expand their businesses.

Howie has authored three editions of Google AdWords For Dummies including the latest which will be released in December 2011, and is the creator of the AdWords Checkmate method of competitive positioning.

He is a frequent conference presenter, sharing his insights at the System Seminar, Perry Marshall’s AdWords Seminar, Early to Rise, StomperNet, the Media Relations Summit, and AdWords Days in Germany.

He is Emotional Intelligence and Empathetic Inspiration Officer (EIEIO) at VitruvianWay.com, an agency dedicated to AdWords leverage like you wouldn’t believe.

For entrepreneurial advice and pointers, see http://askhowie.com/

To find out about AdWords management and website optimization services, visit http://VitruvianWay.com.

To see the complete interview online, go to: http://www.netcastevent.com/component/rsevents/event/64

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