Shift Selling: Industry Experts and Selling

Craig Elias, the author of Shift, goes over numerous sales and marketing points in this segment from an hour long interview. In this segment, Craig talks about Industry Experts and Selling.

Google Adwords – Google Plus and AdWords

See what Dr. Howie Jacobson says about Google Plus and AdWords. He goes over numerous tips and tricks on this.

An Interview With Mark Ruthenberg – Founder of

An interview with Mark Ruthenberg, founder of, a Canadian centric website. Mark’s 4 websites have over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month and he has managed to do this with no advertising of any of his sites.

A Couple of Great Blog Posts On Video (and one YouTube Video)

Here are a couple of posts that I found that I thought you would enjoy and one YouTube video from Daneboe (look it up on You Tube if you like it). Famous Blogger – Advantages of Online Video Advertising: I keep talking about the use of video on websites.  I firmly believe that all companies should use video in one form on their site.  Here are a lot of great […]

A Couple Of Great Blog Posts

Here are a couple of blog posts that I thought you might like: American Express Open Forum – All I Want For Christmas Is The Manual: Okay, so you are trying to find the manual for the items you got for Christmas.  Why not go here and see where you can find those manuals online.  These manuals are categorized by type, like TV, computer, etc. InsideView Blog – 10 Reasons […]

Write a Blog to Differentiate You As A Market Leader

Why not write a blog to help with your business. Here are several tips to help you out.