Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette

Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette

Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette


I recently had the chance to do a video roundtable with 7 best selling authors.

The premise behind the roundtable was to ask all 7 authors questions about different topics related to generating sales leads and finding potential clients online.

Each author was asked the same 5 questions and the answers that each gave back where absolutely incredible.

In this segment, Jamie Turner, a best selling author, gives his thoughts on online etiquette.

CLICK THIS LINK – To see the complete video with all 7 authors giving their thoughts, tips and tricks on this and other valuable marketing and sales tips.

To find out more on the different authors, you can see their profiles on The Best Keynote Speakers – http://thebestkeynotespeakers.com


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  1. Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette

    Jamie Turner on Online Etiquette – See what best selling author Jamie Turner has to say about online etiquette.

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