Google+ Replacing Blogs: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Google+ Replacing Blogs

Google+ Replacing Blogs: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Recently Kersten Kloss and I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Kawasaki on his book “What the Plus – Google + For the Rest Of Us”.

Guy talked about numerous things including Google+ Replacing Blogs.

Here is a transcription from the Google+ Replacing Blogs Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Today so many people use the combination of blogs and social media to capture an audience. Do you expect Google+ to eventually replace blogging?

GUY KAWASAKI: Yes, I think it will. I’m writing another book called APE, and it teaches people how to become self-published authors. If someone were to ask me whether the best platform to use as a writer is a blog, I would answer no. Writing a blog requires more work. For example, you have to drive people to you, and you have to figure out WordPress.

To find out more about What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of UsGoogle+ Replacing Blogs Click the link or click on the image below:

Google+ Replacing BlogsGoogle+ Replacing Blogs

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