How To Use QR Codes in Marketing – #24 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

How To Use QR Codes in Marketing

How To Use QR Codes in Marketing – #24 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the How To Use QR Codes in Marketing Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hi, and welcome back to BizDev Weekly, the business development show. Have you seen this kind of code anywhere, lately? This strange-looking, two-dimensional barcode with lots of digits in it? Well, that’s a QR code, and you can scan that code into your cell phone right now and receive a great offer. There’s different marketing techniques you can use to take advantage of QR codes. We’re here with marketing expert Chris Hamilton from Chris, maybe you can enlighten us on ways this can help businesses?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely, Kersten, and thanks for having me. QR codes have been cropping up quite a bit over the last year or two, and people have started using them. However, as with any strategy, you have to give it a lot of thought before you deploy it, and I have a good reason for saying that.

A program that used QR codes was started for the subway system in London. People pulled out their phones and scanned the QR code in order to hit a website. Well, think about this. You’re buried underground with no cell signal. Why would you put a QR code on something that’s basically a cement bunker? Obviously, it didn’t work. That was not well thought out. So, to your point, Kersten, you really need to think through your strategy when it comes to using QR codes for marketing your business.

Let me give you an example of how I use it. I’m holding up a card with a QR code. I get these from I do short runs so I can change the QR code on a monthly basis—using it to drive people through to a landing page. Recently I used it along with a letter. Instead of having a long, verbose letter outlining benefits and solutions, I had a QR code that was relatively large with an arrow pointing up to it.

The letter said, “Would you like to get hundreds or thousands of sales leads a year? Scan this and see how.” The whole idea was to push someone through to the landing page. That was all the letter had—just the bar code and the short message. That got people to take a second look at it. In fact, I got a new client from it because he thought it was really cool.

Now, on the backend, I sent an e-mail to every person who was sent this letter saying, “I recently sent you a letter with a QR code on it. Let me help you learn more about how QR codes can help you market your business. The QR code directs you to this link. Please click on it.”

This took people through a process that I use with a home mailer service for Calgary contractors. It’s a follow-up process, and my uptake on that was quite significant. You have to think about the process as you’re using these in order to engage someone. You’ve got to use them the proper way. Just don’t use them in a subway system, because nothing’s going to happen.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Nothing’s going to happen. Actually, they’re used a lot in trade shows or anywhere there’s a lot of people gathered. People will pull out their phones. For those that have downloaded an app that’s able to read QR codes, they will be directed to a link for a video or a form to fill out. A certain percentage of people will go through the process.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to scan the QR code for this video right now. Look at that. It works, it’s another great tool, and it seems to be gaining popularity. It’s also great when combined with other marketing ideas. Thanks again for joining us, Chris.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: And thank you all for joining. Check out You can also check out for more business shows and different ideas for leveraging the new age of marketing. Thanks very much for joining us.

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