How to Use a Press Release for Marketing – #23 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

How to Use a Press Release for Marketing

How to Use a Press Release for Marketing – #23 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the How to Use a Press Release for Marketing Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hi, and welcome back to BizDev Weekly. Newspapers may be dying, but one marketing tool that’s still especially useful is the press release. Today we’re going to talk about creating press releases. Chris, give us a little bit of insight into that.

CHRIS HAMILTON: You bet, Kersten. Newspapers are experiencing either relatively fast deaths or slow, painful deaths depending on the city, but press releases about products or services are still relevant. Surprisingly, press releases are used by larger firms, but are rarely used by SMBs, small and medium-sized businesses.

Press releases are an excellent way to get the word out about your product or service either offline or online. Online, there’s lots of press release sites that are free, where you can both access and post information. One of my favorites is That site also gives you the ability to embed YouTube videos into the press releases.

When writing a press release, one of the things you want to do is focus on specific keywords. For example, if you’re selling left-handed monkey wrenches in Calgary, your press release should talk about some of the benefits of left-handed monkey wrenches in Calgary. You can also write a white paper about some of the benefits of left-handed monkey wrenches in Calgary. Including pertinent keywords ensures that people find you. Additionally, people from offline and online newspapers and magazines may read your press releases and contact you. It’s a great way to promote yourself, your products, and your services. Press releases aren’t utilized nearly enough.

KERSTEN KLOSS: In this case, press releases are an additional search tool, a sort of indexing system that helps you get found online. Is that correct, Chris?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely, Kersten. You’ll get results that will help people find your company along with its products and services.

KERSTEN KLOSS: I had the pleasure of interviewing a couple of people from the press. They told me that local television and radio station newsrooms are always looking for original, local content. They’re also looking for subject matter experts that will offer free content in the form of interviews for their shows.

Don’t underestimate the power of sending a well-crafted press release to local television and radio stations. Prepare it properly, and make sure you have something online, like a video, that shows you are able to make a good presentation and are comfortable in an interview. You’ll get picked up by these stations. It’s a great way to get free publicity for your product or service. Chris, thanks for joining us again.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: We’ll see you next time. Check out BizDev Weekly, the business development show, on Thanks again for watching.

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