How to Use Videos to Attract Business – #22 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

How to Use Videos to Attract Business

How to Use Videos to Attract Business – #22 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the How to Use Videos to Attract Business Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hello, and welcome to BizDev Weekly, the business development show. I’m Kersten Kloss here with marketing expert Chris Hamilton from Welcome to the show, Chris.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Today we are going to talk about the power of video. Chris, why don’t you share some of your thoughts about video marketing?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Sure, Kersten. First off, we’re using video right now to actually convey a message…


CHRIS HAMILTON: …which is an excellent way to share your expertise. In past shows, we’ve alluded to the fact that a strong audiovisual story is remembered eight times more than just written information. It’s remembered four times more than just audio information. Video marketing means people are more likely to remember your message.

The other thing to be aware of, Kersten, is that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. There’s tremendous opportunity if you can get found on YouTube along with other video engines. Why? There’s not nearly as much noise on YouTube as there is on, say, Google. Try it in your own geographical area. Put a keyword between quotation marks and go to YouTube. Quotation marks return the exact phrase you’re looking for.

Now you can analyze the number of online videos. Sometimes you’ll find zero, and sometimes there’s a handful—but there’s not a ton. Take the exact same phrase and search for it in Google. You’ll see hundreds of thousands, if not millions of results. This means the chance of you getting found on the second largest search engine in the world, which is YouTube, is dramatically higher.

In addition, Google (the largest search engine in the world) owns YouTube, and has a vested interest in making sure that YouTube works well. If you optimize your video properly (and there’s ways to do that) it’s very likely you’ll get placed higher in Google. You could get placed on the first page, if not the second or third page, and do a lot better than people that don’t use video.

KERSTEN KLOSS: If you’ve ever seen a video pop up on the first page of Google, you know that it stands out big-time—almost like a magnet attracting people to watch it. So, if you have a video that places well on Google, the chances are high that it will get far more clicks than any text-based results, even with those local ads placed at the top. It’s really important to consider video as an online option.

As for the process of capturing video, all you need is one of these. It’s really easy to videotape testimonials or comments and post them online. Chris?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely, Kersten. It is easy. All you have to do is come up with a topic and talk about something. Video marketing is becoming huge, and marketing on YouTube with informational videos is really taking off. We can help you with this. We have ways of optimizing your video and increasing your click-throughs so that people will actually contact you.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Yes. You have to take certain steps to make that video viewable, findable, and also properly syndicated on the Internet. You can’t just make duplicates of a video and copy it to ten different video sites. You want to make sure that it’s done correctly. You can contact us for more information about getting your videos to show up on at least a local search, if not the first page of a general search. Chris, thanks again for joining us.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: For more information, visit You can also check out past interviews. We have long-format interviews with authors on specialty topics from video, to getting found online, to marketing and sales. Check them out on, or if you want more information about this particular topic, get ahold of us. Thanks everyone for joining us.

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