Mobile Text Messaging for Business – #21 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Mobile Text Messaging for Business

Mobile Text Messaging for Business – #21 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the Mobile Text Messaging for Business Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hi, Chris. I’m a little busy texting here. Can you explain to our BizDev Weekly audience how they can use texting for marketing?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely, Kersten, and thanks for having me. The idea behind text marketing is to use a keyword and specific text code to have a person link to a landing page that has a special offer. Ivrnet is the texting service we use here in Canada, and their text code is 313131. When someone texts 313131 and a keyword, he or she will get taken to a landing page.

Text marketing has become huge, and there’s a lot to talk about. I’m going to narrow it down, using just a couple of examples today. Let’s talk about the advantages of text coding for home contractors with lawn signs. By the way, very few home contractors use lawn signs, and about 70 percent of sales leads for home contractors come from lawn signs.

Here’s what’s so beneficial about using text codes on a lawn sign. First of all, it increases the response rate by up to ten times. Think about it. Very few people will actually pick up the phone and make a phone call, because most people want to do research before they become fully engaged, and that’s much easier to do on a website or landing page. Secondly, if the URL of a website is really long, no one is going to remember it.

Here is the flip side, and I’ll use a roofing company as an example. If you text “313131” and “roof” it takes you to a landing page with a link. That link takes you to a page where you can get a quote. It’s not too difficult to remember “roof” and “313131.” I might notice it as I’m walking by the sign. Perhaps I’m in the car. It allows people to easily get ahold of you. Whether it’s on lawn signs, or trucks, or anywhere you market your brand, it is an excellent way to drive a lot of potential sales.

One thing that always baffles me, Kersten, is when I drive by bus stop benches and see advertising with long web addresses and phone numbers I can’t remember. Why not just put your business name, a keyword, and a text code? It’s so much easier to get someone to your landing page.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Here’s what drives me crazy. In my kitchen is a bag of apples with a tag. The tag has a long website URL printed on it along with a Facebook logo. People put Facebook logos on bench signs, on the sides of buses, and a lot of other places. I always ask myself whether they’re marketing their own business or they’re marketing Facebook. How am I going to find them on Facebook? They should have a call to action. Use a text code, instead. It makes a lot of sense, Chris.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely, Kersten. It’s not too tough to implement. Give us a call. E-mail us. We can get you in touch with Ivrnet or we can help you ourselves.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Check out our website at for more information, or on back issues of our BizDev Weekly show. Thanks everyone for joining us today. Cheers.

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