Sales Follow Up – #12 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Sales Follow Up

Sales Follow Up – #12 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the Sales Follow Up Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hi. Kersten Kloss, here, with BizDev Weekly, the business development show. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the concept of follow-up. I buy a product or service from a business. They’ve got my money. I never hear from them again. It becomes a personal thing with me. Once I realize I haven’t heard from them, I start to wonder if they appreciated my business. Marketing expert Chris Hamilton is in studio with us today, and he’s going to share some tips on follow-up. Chris?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Hi, Kersten, and thanks for having me. You made some excellent points. How many times have we all bought something and never had anyone follow up? A follow-up can be as simple as a thank you card. Businesses rarely do this, and they should. It’s an excellent opportunity to brand yourself while keeping in front of people on a regular basis.

There’s several ways to follow up, and I’ll cover a couple of those today. You can follow up with a survey. Handwrite a thank you letter. When was the last time you received a letter truly written by hand? I mean, people love that. How about a telephone call to see how your clients are doing? These are ways to build strong and steady relationships with your clients.

Following up with a prospect that didn’t buy from you creates another huge opportunity. Let’s use the home contracting field as an example. Research indicates that when it comes to leads that didn’t purchase from you, 60 percent of those leads went on to purchase from someone else within one year. In other words, they often defer their purchasing decisions. Once they’re ready to buy, whoever is top of mind typically gets the deal because of the follow-up. So, there’s a huge opportunity to get business from those who have said no before.

KERSTEN KLOSS: It happens to us, Chris. We pitch a job to someone, but they decide to go somewhere else. It’s often because of a preexisting relationship. But we also reengage. We follow up. By keeping a foot in the door, we often discover these prospects are unhappy with the product they bought from the other client. Now we’re in a position to show empathy, and they often end up buying our product after all.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely. Those are great points, Kersten. I follow up with both clients and prospects. I suggest you put a follow-up plan into place. Even if you lose a sale, you should follow up. Businesses go through sell cycles. They have buy cycles. They have use cycles. For example, you didn’t sell somebody a car, but they have a four-year lease. Guess what? Four years from now, they’re going to need another car. You might as well be the first person who contacts them once they decide to buy that car.

KERSTEN KLOSS: And there are some creative ways you can do that. You can send them an e-mail. You can follow up with a letter. You might even send a gift thanking them for their time. There are some high tech way to do this, as well. You can bring them to a landing page where they will get follow-up banners. Now, you only do this if you’ve done the other pieces. You want to make sure that you’ve engaged with them properly. Retargeting or remarketing with banner ads keeps you top of mind. We’ll talk more about this in the future.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Kersten, you brought up an excellent point, which is retargeting in order to stay top of mind. If anyone wants to find out more about how we can help them stay top of mind with their clients and prospects, they should click the link below or read the information at the end of this video.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Thanks everyone for joining us. This is BizDev Weekly. We hope to see you again soon. Take care.


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