Marketing With A Blog – #10 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Marketing With A Blog

Marketing With A Blog – #10 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the Marketing With A BlogVideo:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hello, and welcome back to BizDev Weekly. I’m Kersten Kloss. Joining us is marketing expert Chris Hamilton, and today he’s going to talk about blogs. Welcome, Chris.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: Today blogs are everywhere. Even people in the media are publishing blogs. Why are blogs so prevalent today, Chris? What are blogs all about?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Well, Kersten, I write a sales and marketing blog. I’m sure a lot of people think it’s very time-consuming to do. It isn’t, and the payback I get from it is tremendous. It only takes me about two to three hours a week to create enough content to publish seven times a week.

“Blog” is actually short for “weblog.” Blogs originated as places to share personal thoughts online. Today a blog can be about anything, and businesses have started using blogs as a way to share information about their industry, company, products, and services. Fresh content is added to the blog on a regular basis.

The keyword there is “regular basis.” You never want to create a sense of inertia. You want new content added to a business blog consistently. You have to be committed. If you don’t publish on a regular basis, prospects might think you’re not committed to your business, either.

Let me give you a couple of tips for coming up with blog topics. Think about pain points your clients may have and how you can help your clients solve them. Also, create numbered posts. Three secrets to doing this. Seven ways to doing that. People like numbered lists, and the headlines get people’s attention.

KERSTEN KLOSS: In previous shows, we’ve talked about the importance of presenting content in small, digestible chunks. Does that hold true here?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely, Kersten. And today the content doesn’t need to be written. It can be audio. It can be video. You can record interviews with clients, get them transcribed, and pull content from the transcripts for your blog posts. You can have guests contribute to your blog. There’s multiple ways to create content.

The best thing a blog does is drive traffic to your website. Once you get prospects to your website, you have the opportunity to convert them into buyers. Make sure you include contact information at the end of the blog along with a strong call to action.

KERSTEN KLOSS: And when you craft a blog, you should focus on what you’re trying to promote by creating a short summary and including a couple of keywords. About 2 percent of any blog post should be made up of keywords. Also include keywords in your subject line. There’s other things you can do to optimize your posts for search engines, and you can contact us for more help on that.

CHRIS HAMILTON: That’s right, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: If you would like more information about blogging, click the links below the video or check out the closing credits. Thanks again for joining us, Chris.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: And thank you all for joining us on BizDev Weekly. I’m Kersten Kloss. Have a great day.

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