Having a Call To Action – #9 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Having a Call To Action

Having a Call To Action – #9 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the Having a Call To Action Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Hi, and welcome back to BizDev Weekly, the business development show. I’m here with marketing expert Chris Hamilton from SalesTipADay.com. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of including a call to action in your marketing. Chris, can you elaborate?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely Kersten, and thanks for having me. We look at a lot of marketing collateral when talking to businesses. Very rarely will you find a clear call to action. That is one of the first things you should do to increase your response rates. What is a call to action? It is content that tells the reader to act now, buy now, contact you, call you, or come in for a test drive. It encourages a prospect to engage with you in some way.

How many times have you gone to a website and read some great information or found exactly what you wanted and then asked yourself, Okay, where do I go from here? It’s important that you review the messaging on your website, think about what it is you want someone to do, and then give them more than one way to contact you. Provide a form to fill out. Provide the name and e-mail of a person they can contact. Have your phone number prominently displayed. Give them links to any web pages that include calls to action. That will increase your response rates tremendously.

We also see a lot of paper marketing collateral (like letters and postcards) that have no call to action. Take magazine articles or newspaper ads, for example. Very few articles have a strong call to action. If you want to increase the response rates from your marketing, you’ve got to have a call to action.

If you’re doing radio or TV ads, you can ask the viewer to text a keyword and short code into their cell phone. An example that a Canadian client of mine uses is, “Contact us for a quote today by keying R-O-O-F at 313131.” It will take you to a web page where you can get an immediate quote for a roofing job. That increases the response rate on your radio ad immediately, because the call to action is available even while people are mobile. It works great. Any thoughts, Kersten?

KERSTEN KLOSS: Well, there’s a couple of things I’d like to add. When you’re promoting a product (particularly with a radio or TV ad) you have no access to the prospects because they’re anonymous. Once you add a call to action, they’ll land on a page which will allow you to track the success of your marketing program and give you the opportunity to qualify your prospects.

We do that all the time, and we’re going to do that with this video today. We’re going to give you a call to action at the end so you can see how it works. Essentially, it’s a simple do something now—ask the listener or viewer to take action. So, Chris, any last thoughts on the use of calls to action?

CHRIS HAMILTON: Kersten, the last thought is I’d like the listeners to take us up on our call to action, and contact us.

KERSTEN KLOSS: That’s right. If you’re interested in contacting us, click the links below this video or use the information in the closing credits of the show. Thanks again, Chris, for joining us.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: And thank you all for joining us on BizDev Weekly. Stay tuned for the next show. Cheers.

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