Using Podcasts for Marketing – #8 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Using Podcasts for Marketing

Using Podcasts for Marketing – #8 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the Using Podcasts for Marketing Video:

KERSTEN KLOSS: Welcome to the business development show BizDev Weekly. I’m Kersten Kloss. Marketing expert Chris Hamilton of is here to talk with us about podcasting. Chris, give us some of your tips on how to leverage your marketing with podcasting.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Sure, Kerstin, and thanks for having me on the show. Podcasting is such an underutilized tool in marketing, and that includes both audio and video podcasts. I post podcasts to my blog and then feed them to both podcast directories and the iTunes store. That ultimately drives traffic back to my website. An easy tool you can use to do this is a free service called There are other ones out there, as well.

Podcasts don’t take much time to create. In fact, we’re creating a video podcast of this interview right now. All you need is a recording device and software that will convert your recordings to MP3 or video files. The audio and video files are what you feed into iTunes and the podcast directories. Every time something is updated on your site, the podcast directories ping your server (pinging makes sure your server is working) alerting subscribers that you have new information for them to consume.

I’ll give you an example, Kersten. My Podbean account is I will post a video or audio file to be driven through Podbean on Monday. By Thursday, between 25 and 70 people have looked at my site or at least pinged it.

Another great thing about podcasts is you can talk about any subject. For example, we’re making a podcast that talks about podcasts. You can talk about grooming your dog or going to church. There is an audience for just about anything. Podcasting is an easy way for people to consume information. Any thoughts, Kersten?

KERSTEN KLOSS: That’s P-O-D-B-E-A-N. Bean like green beans, right?

CHRIS HAMILTON: That’s right.

KERSTEN KLOSS: So, Podbean. Yes, I’d like to add to that. New technology has made it so easy to consume information. We’re all busy and we’re all mobile. The great thing about podcasting is that people can access it through their iTunes account by subscribing to your feed. Every time you update content on your website or blog, it’s automatically sent to their device. It doesn’t matter if someone is in a car, on a train, or on a flight somewhere. They can relax and easily listen to your message. It’s another way to reach out to your clients and prospects.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Absolutely. I have one final thought on this, Kersten. Our company leverages a lot of videos. Another thing you can do is remove the visual portion of a video, and use the audio to make an audio podcast. That gives you a double stream of both video and audio.

KERSTEN KLOSS: You can get two different pieces of content that way.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Yes, exactly.

KERSTEN KLOSS: As always, Chris, those are great tips. Keep in mind that although Chris writes a sales and marketing blog ( he is an advocate for the use of audio and video podcasts. Check it out. It’s a great way of getting your word out there. Thanks very much for joining us today, Chris.

CHRIS HAMILTON: Thanks for having me, Kersten.

KERSTEN KLOSS: If you want more information, click the links below or read the closing credits. Thanks, everyone, for joining us.


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