Circles On Google Plus: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Circles On Google Plus

Circles On Google Plus: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Recently Kersten Kloss and I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Kawasaki on his book “What the Plus – Google + For the Rest Of Us”.

Guy talked about numerous things including Circles On Google Plus.

Here is a transcription from the Circles On Google Plus Video:


When you get involving certain looking at this the the circles that was a concept I had to wrap my head around it first thing I i didn’t get it uh… and that’s maybe maybe that was part of the reason why I also tried to avoid using google plus originally was because i’d
just didn’t grasp the the I didn’t know where to put people how to put people and that’s the thing, what’s what’s the idea behind circles and you know some people are going to watch this that just don’t understand google plus and


Okay so the idea behind circles is that you can organize who you interact with by your own algorithm basically so at one level there’s a hundred million people on google plus so that’s the public circle. If you will that’s everybody.

You may decide that you have colleagues from work so that’s one circle. You have relatives that’s another circle. There’s your you know your beer legal hockey team that’s another circle and then there’s the people like for you you had drunken sex with, that’s another circle,


By the way it is only girls in that circle.


Yeah, sure – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

So you may decide to post a certain kind of message to the people you work with you would posting a baby pictures to your family circle uh… you probably wouldn’t paste those baby pictures to your drunken sex circle because lots of women will be wondering who’s baby that is.

So this is how you can sort of segregated who you interact with and also it works the other way too where you can say all right I only want to see posts my colleagues and my family not the women that i’ve had drunken sex with so you can filter it both ways incoming and outgoing.


That was a huge smack to Facebook wasn’t it? they didn’t see that coming at all is what has what I gathered from that one too


You know, today you can do that with Facebook is just I don’t think anybody does it with Facebook because you from the very start of Facebook it was always about blasting stuff out and from the very start of google plus it was about selectively blasting stuff I’ll though it’s just not in the DNA of Facebook.
To find out more about What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of UsCircles On Google Plus Click the link or click on the image below:

Circles On Google PlusCircles On Google Plus

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