Getting Started on Google Plus: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Getting Started on Google Plus

Getting Started on Google Plus: An Interview with Guy Kawasaki

Recently Kersten Kloss and I had the pleasure of interviewing Guy Kawasaki on his book “What the Plus – Google + For the Rest Of Us”.

Guy talked about numerous things including Getting Started on Google Plus.

Here is a transcription from the Getting Started on Google Plus Video:


How does someone get started on getting on google plus?

Besides the obvious of just you’re getting an account which is almost impossible to avoid with a gmail account.

I think the key step if you go onto google plus not google the search bar itself with google pluses search and you type in keywords for your passions. So type in Hockey, type in photography, type in rodeo, type in you know social media. Type in food and you’ll find people.

And then start commenting start interacting start posting to those people start following those people and it’s you know it’s developing of uh… a platform.

To find out more about What the Plus!: Google+ for the Rest of UsGetting Started on Google Plus Click the link or click on the image below:

Getting Started on Google PlusGetting Started on Google Plus

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Keywords: Getting Started on Google Plus

Keywords: Getting Started on Google Plus

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