Always Be Marketing – #6 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Always Be Marketing

Always Be Marketing – #6 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Transcription of the Always Be Marketing Video:

Kersten Kloss:

Welcome back to BizDev Weekly the business development show. I am Kersten Kloss and i’m obviously here with my cohort Chris Hamilton the blogger on

Thanks for joining us Chris.

Chris Hamilton:

Thanks for having me Kersten.

Kersten Kloss:

So you’re the king of marketing at least I call you that but you always coined the phrase “always be marketing“. Can you maybe share that with our audience?

Chris Hamilton:

Well Kersten, I think one of the things we have to take a look at is marketing is very much the life blood of driving new business towards your organization or maintaining current clients as well.

One of the things we look at is on the slide here, I have spend 20 percent of your time marketing, it could be ten percent could be fifty percent depends on where you’re at in a sell cycle.

I’ll giving idea on this one is a lot companies I’ve talked to, they will go and have a big sale

and all the exciting and they’re implementing and they’re getting this thing going and then as they get close to closing at the sale and moving on, they go…where’s our next business coming from?

And your going…scratch your head…wait a second, guess we have been marketing trying to
draw new leads into the funnel here and so that’s the concept that i see as you know you really do have to devote a certain portion of your time everyday to be marking your brand, your company, your products, or services anything that’s out there.

And you know, I am talking specifically as may be potentially a solo entrepreneur or even a small business.

As you obviously get of into larger companies, they have a marketing departments that they can handle the stuff but this is geared more to the lower end of the market obviously a solo entrepreneur and you really do you have to invest a certain portion of your day into creating some sort of a market process.

You know, typically my day, I wake up in the morning and I just start some
marketing before my kids get up every morning. I devote about an hour of time into it
every morning. Occasionally throughout the day about half an hour to an hour as well. So there’s like twenty percent of my time spent trying to continue to market to fill my funne.

On that one any ideas behind this as well Kersten?

Kersten Kloss:

Well you know chris, and I mean I suffer from it to mean a getting going from a
task oriented world of of the job market to running my own business I thought found that i’d even, always get distracted and he was here’s pieces of information i’d like to maybe offer that helped me.

First of all when you get up in the morning the first thing, don’t check your e-mail, market instead. That’s the first thing is you know what just distract you from from what’s really important which is to get yourself out there.

The second thing, put up some kind of a reminder in your calendar that always reminds you, it doesn’t get in there everyday, do it every second day, make sure you get an alarm bell that says “Hey get out there do a little bit of marketing”.

Chris, any last thoughts?

Chris Hamilton:

You know Kersten, you really hit the nail head. It really does have to become part of your DNA. It has to be entrenched in what you do and as i say, Kersten talking here, you know it does not necessarily have to be everyday but make sure you have a certain portion of time that spent every week or every month doing this sort of stuff to make sure that you get your message out there as well.

So hope you find this information useful. If you want to find out more click the link below or call us at the number that’s at the end of the video.

Kersten Kloss:

Our Show is our marketing approach. That’s our job right now and that’s what we do a lot of. So thanks very much for joining us on BizDev Weekly I am Kersten Kloss, Chris Hamilton of course here once again.

See you next time. Thanks for joining.
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