Using Direct Mail For Marketing – #3 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Using Direct Mail For Marketing

Using Direct Mail For Marketing – #3 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

 Video Transcription for Using Direct Mail For Marketing:

Kersten Kloss:

Hi welcome back to BizDev Weekly, the business development show.  I’m Kersten Kloss and I am once again here in studio with Chris Hamilton from  Thanks for
joining Chris.

Chris Hamilton:

Thanks for having me Kersten.

Kersten Kloss:

So today we’re talking about direct mailing campaigns Chris, and give us at the latest in what you learned about campaigns.  How does that all work now?

Chris Hamilton

Kersten, I think one of the main things that need to look at these days is so few people actually use a direct mailing or a direct mailer campaign or if they do they do it in the worst way possible or very wrong.  The first thing I have talked with direct mail, one of the easiest things to do is to figure out who you’re actually trying to cater to sell to and build a list of people that are wrapped around that and then send information to them on a regular basis.

That is key and critical is sending something on a regular basis.  Do this just once and expect miracles it
takes time and it takes the impressions numerous times for somebody to finally realize what it is you have to offer and what you can do for them.

And that is it, that’s my concept behind doing a direct mailer. It could be a post card could be a letter he could be
numerous different things, I have even sent packages and such.

We do have a process that we use that will actually increase response rates by up to 400% and sometimes greater just by layering in one thing we’re not gonna give that secret away.  If you want to find out you will have to connect
with us with links at the end of the program.

Now Kersten that said though what do you think is a problem with direct Mailers?

Kersten Kloss:

Well I think probably the major problem people have in direct mailings is that they don’t have a clear called action they’re not actually asking people to do something you know whether it’s a time special that they have to act on or if it’s just a contact us.

People often missing that piece Chris, I mean you know, I’ll bet that you see that all the time.

Chris Hamilton:

I do Kersten one other thing that I see that that can absolutely dramatically increase your response rates is having more than one way for people to connect with you.  If you just put your phone number on a direct mailer piece, guess what?  You are going to get a very low response rate, reason being is because people have to make a phone call to get a hold you.  My suggestion would be put an email in there have a specific landing page that you can direct people too don’t get rid of the the the phone number because there will be some people that will contact that way.  Have a QR code, put a text code on, the more ways he can get someone to contact you off you mailer or direct mailer the better off you’re going to be and higher response rates would be too.

Kersten Kloss:

So if you’d like more information on and follow the links below the video or just follow the credits in the closing splash screen.

So thanks everyone for joining and come check us out at Bizdev Weekly.

See again next time.


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  2. Including a clear call to action is absolutely necessary on a direct mail piece. The purpose of sending out direct mail is to receive some kind of response. You can’t assume that a recipient will know what do next.

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