How to Get Customer Testimonials – #1 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

How to Get Customer Testimonials

 How to Get Customer Testimonials – #1 of the 101 Marketing Ideas

Here is a transcription from the How to Get Customer Testimonials video:

Kersten Kloss:

Hi and welcome back to BizDev Weekly, the business development show. I’m in studio here with chris hamilton and the two of us today are gonna be talking about testimonials. Chris could you get us a high level on that?

Chris Hamilton:

Sure Kersten. The first thing I am going to talk about is the problem and the problem is
most websites that we see, or go to when we are talking to clients do not have testimonials and the impact means to a person is that there’s a stat out there that talks about the increase in the amount of sales the company can get from adding testimonials to it’s website. I believe it’s around twenty percent, I’ld have to figure that stat out,

But if you look online you can see there’s a direct correlation to the amount of testimonials on your website and the impacting sales.

And Kersten, as you know when we’re out talking to people, as I say, there are very few people who have testimonials sitting on their website and it’s one of the easiest things that go after to generate sales leads.

You know my thoughts on it, I am sure you have your thoughts, but my thoughts
on it are people like to go online and see what other people are talking or thinking about when they’ve used a product or service, I mean what do you think Kersten?

Kersten Kloss:

Well bottom line is before and anything that’s of substantial value or start up a business relationship, I am going to go and google and find out what what’s the deal is and if I first of all if i see nothing online that’s a problem but if i start to see people’s comments and positive comments about a product or if I see somebody with a four and a half or five star rating, it’s gonna influence my buying decision and I think it is very
important to be proactive in that whole process.

Chris Hamilton

Absolute, trying to gather testimonials from clients is one of the things that you should do when you think about this is you know first of all think about testimonials on your website, but also testimonials on review sites as well whenever you have a client
that is happy the best time to ask them is you know, basically they’ve told you their happy, say “Can I get this in a testimonial?”

And as soon as you get it in a testimonial put up on your website
the other thing you need to do when you put up on your website is make sure that you use their full name and where they are from. The reason being is because if you have just first name last name or an initial for a last name and not even saying where they are from, people can see through that sort of stuff. Not just Bill from Walla Walla exact you really do need to put a person in there so that it is is genuine and people do trust that
so you know that’s our thoughts on testimonials and if you would like to figure out how to uh… leverage the power of testimonials click on the link below or go to the number at the end of the video here and we’ll be able to help you out with that.

Kersten Kloss:

Thanks for joining BizDev Weekly.

Follow the link and find out more information.

Thanks very much

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  2. That’s it? Ask customers for a testimonial when they are happy………….. ? As opposed to asking for testimonils from unhappy customers right?

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