How To Stay Informed Online – Interview with Starr Hall


The Social Wave - How To Stay Informed

How To Stay Informed Online

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Starr Hall, the author of The Social Wave. Starr shared numerous time management tips with us, including How To Stay Informed Online.

In the Video on How To Stay Informed Online You Will Learn:

Here is what you will learn in this video on How To Stay Informed Online:

  • See Starr’s thoughts on how to stay informed online
  • A couple of resources you can use to stay informed with new online technologies
  • A way to get information delivered to you in a 1 page report

How To Stay Informed Online Video:

For the complete interview, you can view it at

If you are interested in buying Starr’s book, The Social Wave: Why Your Business is Wiping Out with Social Media and How to Fix It, you can click on the link.

Here is a bit of an overview on Starr:

Starr is an international publicist and an “authority in social media marketing”.  She has trained and worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses around the planet including corporations, non-profit organizations, authors, CEOs and associations worldwide. She has over 1200 active and direct relationships with editors, writers and segment producers worldwide and has secured placement and coverage for herself as well as her clients in media outlets around the globe, including Oprah mag, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and The Today Show to name a few. In addition, I have secured major book, co-branding and licensing contracts for my clients worldwide through the power of social networking.

With hundreds of client recommendations, media endorsements and speaking accolades, Starr specializes teaching businesses of all sizes how to get massive media coverage, word of mouth buzz and higher profits through social media and powerful internet and relationship marketing. She is a regularly featured columnist for Entrepreneur magazine dot com as well as American Express Small Business OPEN.

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