Google Adwords – Then and Now

Google AdWords for Dummies

Google Adwords – Then and Now

Recently, Kersten Kloss from RefreshedIT and myself had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Howie Jacobson, the author of “Adwords for Dumbies”.  Howie has been using AdWords since 2003 which is pretty much from the start and has help countless people understand how to benefit from Google’s advertising platform.

In this segment from a 1 hour interview, Howie talks about Google AdWords Then and Now

Google Adwords – Then and Now

In this video on Google AdWords – Then and Now, you will learn:

  • Howie’s thoughts on Google Adwords and where it came from
  • What was great about AdWords back then, but how it wouldn’t work well today
  • How things have changed
  • Googles Win/Win/Win philosophy
  • What Google now looks as it relates to your ads

Google Adwords – Then and Now

For a couple of great tools, check out Howie’s Search Calculator (shows you the financial viability of a product or service) and Facebook/AdWords Cost per Thousand vs. Cost per click calculators.  You can find this information at

You can purchase Howie’s book, Google AdWords For DummiesGoogle Adwords, here on Amazon.

You can see the complete interview with Howie here on

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