How to Promote: An Event Thru LinkedIN

How to Promote: An Event Thru LinkedIN

How to Promote: An Event Thru LinkedIN

How to Promote: An Event Thru LinkedIN

Do you have an event you want to promote?  Do you know how to promote an event?

Have you ever through of using LinkedIN? You can take your event information and  then add it to LinkedIN which you can then promote to others.

LinkedIN is a great way to promote an event that you might be putting on.

When you add your event on LinkedIN, you have the ability to exponentially reach a wider audience that may be interested in your event.

Here is what you will see in this video, How to Promote An Event Thru LinkedIN:

  • How to add event information LinkedIN
  • Step by Step process on promoting your event with LinkedIN
  • Some tips and tricks on How to Promote an Event thru LinkedIN

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